Welcome to F1 2018!

Welcome along to the all new Lights Out website!

After three months of work, and 80,000 words of new content, I’m really proud to share the new site with you. I’m also very excited about the start of the new Formula One season.

This week, we’ll get our first glimpse of the new cars. While the addition of the halo is likely to be the biggest talking point, this time of year is always the most exciting. With the prospect of a three-team battle for this year’s championships, there is a lot of expectation for what the next eight months will bring us. There have already been plenty of stories to come from the off-season. The scrapping of Grid Girls, the changing of Grand Prix start times, and Fernando Alonso’s World Endurance Championship participation have been the most talked about. This year I’ll be covering all the news as it happens right here on Lights Out.

Politically, this could be a big year for Formula One. Ferrari’s threat to quit is lingering over the sport, while in the U.K, we have our last year of F1 coverage on free-to-air TV. The future of the Silverstone circuit is likely to be a major talking point too. I’ll be looking at all of these stories in-depth as they unfold over the season.

On top of all of this, we also have what could be one of the most entertaining ‘silly seasons’ in years. I’ve already set a page up to follow all the latest news and rumours on driver contracts.

Aside from news content, I’ve made track guides to all of this year’s 21 circuits and I’ve made handy pages which will supply you with all the information you need for each Grand Prix weekend – including a plethora of stats, tyre information, weather information and a whole lot more. As well as that, each race week I’ll be publishing articles celebrating the history of this magnificent sport.

Another new feature for this year are Lights Out’s quizzes. If you fancy testing your F1 knowledge, there’ll be a whole range of quizzes for you to enjoy over the season. You can get started with the eight driver quizzes already on the quizzes page!

There’s loads more new content on the way over the coming weeks, including contributions from a very special new member of the Lights Out family… more on that soon.

I’m looking forward to sharing the season with you.
See you for the car launches and winter testing!


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