‘Pirelli Hot Laps’ to Feature at F1 Weekends

Formula One is to introduce a new feature at 2018’s Grand Prix weekends – Pirelli Hot Laps.

Fans, celebrities and guests will be invited to sit in the passenger seat of Aston Martin and McLaren supercars as they’re driven around by current and former Formula One drivers.

Sean Bratches, the Managing Director of Commercial Operations at F1, said:

 “The Formula 1 Pirelli Hot Laps programme represents a new opportunity to allow Formula 1 fans to get closer to a real track experience. The once in a lifetime experience of being driven at speed by a racing driver at iconic race circuits in dream cars is truly unique. We are seeking to be fan first and this is yet another example of our efforts to that end.”

The drivers partaking in the events will include Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, who will be driving the V8-powered Vantage, while Fernando Alonso, Stoffel Vandoorne, Lando Norris and two-time F1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen will be at the wheel of the McLaren 720S. 

The programme will feature at ten of this year’s 21 races, beginning with the Bahrain Grand Prix in April. The locations for the other nine events are yet to be announced. The cars will be fitted with Pirelli’s range of P Zero tyres.

More brands and drivers will be added to the list of participants in the coming weeks, while fans will be able to partake in competitions to gain access to the once in a lifetime experience over the course of the season.

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