F1 Lap Records


Here is a list of the fastest lap set at each circuit on the current F1 calendar. This list is not the race lap record, which officially counts as the ‘lap record’, but is the fastest ever lap set at the current layout at each circuit in an F1 car.

CircuitFastest LapDriverYearSession
🇦🇺 Albert Park1:15.915Max Verstappen2024Q3
🇧🇭 Bahrain International Circuit1:27.264Lewis Hamilton2020Q3
🇨🇳 Shanghai International Circuit1:31.095Sebastian Vettel2018Q3
🇦🇿 Baku City Circuit1:40.203Charles Leclerc2023Q3
🇪🇸 Circuit de Barcelona-Cataluya1:12.272Max Verstappen2023Q3
🇲🇨 Circuit de Monaco1:10.166Lewis Hamilton2019Q3
🇨🇦 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve1:10.240Sebastian Vettel2019Q3
🇫🇷 Circuit Paul Ricard1:28.319Lewis Hamilton2019Q3
🇦🇹 Red Bull Ring1:02.939Valtteri Bottas2020Q3
🇬🇧 Silverstone1:24.303Lewis Hamilton2020Q3
🇩🇪 Hockenheim1:11.212Sebastian Vettel2018Q3
🇭🇺 Hungaroring1:13.447Lewis Hamilton2020Q3
🇧🇪 Spa Francorchamps1:41.252Lewis Hamiton2020Q3
🇮🇹 Monza1:18.887Lewis Hamilton2020Q3
🇸🇬 Marina Bay Circuit1:30.984Carlos Sainz2023Q3
🇷🇺 Sochi Autodrom1:31.304Lewis Hamilton2020Q3
🇯🇵 Suzuka1:27.064Sebastian Vettel2019Q3
🇲🇽 Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez1:14.758Max Verstappen2019Q3
🇺🇸 Circuit of the Americas1:32.029Valtteri Bottas2019Q3
🇧🇷 Interlagos1:07.281Lewis Hamilton2018Q3
🇦🇪 Yas Marina Circuit1:22.109Max Verstappen2021Q3
🇮🇹 Mugello 1:15.144Lewis Hamilton2020Q3
🇩🇪 Nurburgring1:26.225Valtteri Bottas2020FP3
🇮🇹 Imola 1:13.609Valtteri Bottas2020Q3
🇹🇷 Istanbul Park1:22.868Lewis Hamilton2021Q3
🇵🇹 Algarve International Circuit1:16.466 Valtteri Bottas2020Q2
🇳🇱 Zandvoort 1:08.885Max Verstappen2021Q3
🇶🇦 Losail International Circuit1:20.827Lewis Hamilton2021Q3
🇸🇦 Jeddah Corniche Circuit1:27.472Max Verstappen2024Q3
🇺🇸 Miami International Autodrome1:26.814Max Verstappen2023Q2
🇺🇸 Las Vegas Strip Circuit1:32.726Charles Leclerc2023Q3


Here is a list of the official lap records set at each circuit on the current F1 calendar. For an official lap record to count, it has to be set during the Grand Prix.

CircuitFastest LapDriverYear
🇦🇺 Albert Park1:19.813Charles Leclerc2024
🇧🇭 Bahrain International Circuit1:31.447Pedro de la Rosa2005
🇨🇳 Shanghai International Circuit1:32.238Michael Schumacher2004
🇦🇿 Baku City Circuit1:43.009Charles Leclerc2019
🇪🇸 Circuit de Barcelona-Cataluya1:16.330Max Verstappen2023
🇲🇨 Circuit de Monaco1:12.909Lewis Hamilton2021
🇨🇦 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve1:13.078Valtteri Bottas2019
🇫🇷 Circuit Paul Ricard1:32.740Sebastian Vettel2019
🇦🇹 Red Bull Ring1:05.619Carlos Sainz2020
🇬🇧 Silverstone1:27.097Max Verstappen2020
🇩🇪 Hockenheim1:13.780Kimi Raikkonen2004
🇭🇺 Hungaroring1:16.627Lewis Hamilton2020
🇧🇪 Spa Francorchamps1:46.286Valtteri Bottas2018
🇮🇹 Monza1:21.046Rubens Barrichello2004
🇸🇬 Marina Bay Circuit1:35.867Lewis Hamilton2023
🇷🇺 Sochi Autodrom1:35.761Lewis Hamilton2019
🇯🇵 Suzuka1:30.983Lewis Hamilton2019
🇲🇽 Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez1:17.774Valtteri Bottas2021
🇺🇸 Circuit of the Americas1:36.169Charles Leclerc2019
🇧🇷 Interlagos1:10.540Valtteri Bottas2018
🇦🇪 Yas Marina Circuit1:26.103 Max Verstappen2021
🇩🇪 Nurburgring1:28.139Max Verstappen2020
🇮🇹 Imola 1:15.484Lewis Hamilton2020
🇹🇷 Istanbul Park1:24.770Juan Pablo Montoya2005
🇵🇹 Algarve International Circuit1:18.750Lewis Hamilton2020
🇳🇱 Zandvoort 1:11.097Lewis Hamilton2021
🇶🇦 Losail International Circuit1:23.196Max Verstappen2021
🇸🇦 Jeddah Corniche Circuit1:30.734Lewis Hamilton2021
🇺🇸 Miami International Autodrome1:29.708Max Verstappen2023
🇺🇸 Las Vegas Strip Circuit1:35.490Oscar Piastri2023
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