Fernando Alonso Reveals 2018 F1 Helmet

Fernando Alonso has become the latest driver to reveal his 2018 helmet design.

In a departure to his recent lid designs, the new offering is all blue, with the red and yellow colours from the Spanish flag incorporated on the back of the helmet.

The darker blue matches that of the details on McLaren’s 2017 Indy 500 car, leading many to speculate that their 2018 F1 car – the MCL33 – will also feature similar styling. Teaser videos have suggested that the car is predominantly papaya orange, with a black halo.

In other Alonso-related news, the Spaniard recieved a rude awakening this morning, when he was visited by an anti-doping inspector at 6am. 

Alonso will have a busy schedule in 2018, as he juggles his F1 duties with a maiden season in the World Endurance Championship. McLaren will reveal their 2018 car on Friday.

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  1. I am a great admirer of Fernando Alonso. I have followed his career in this sport for some years now. I love the designs of his helmets, like the one I wear at the Monaco GP in 2013. I would like to buy a Fernando Alonso helmet. Any other model that you recommend?

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