Red Bull 2017 F1 Car Launch: The RB13

Red Bull have launched their 2017 Formula One car – the RB13.

The team revealed the RB13 online at 13:13 local time, in honour of their 2017 car name. It has an interesting nose section, unlike on any of the other 2017 cars. Interestingly, Red Bull have opted to take the shark fin on their car, unlike their closest rivals Mercedes. The RB13 features the now familiar matte livery.

“It’s a clean sheet of paper and that for any designer or engineer is a real exciting challenge. A few years ago, 2009, there was the double diffuser: Is there a gizmo like that we’ve missed that somebody else has found? Hopefully not and hopefully we’ll be competitive.” – Christian Horner

Red Bull maintain the same driver pairing as last year. Four time Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo is once again joined by Max Verstappen, who won on his debut for the team at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.

With one of the most exciting driver pairings on the grid, and with renewed hope over the all new 2017 Reanult power unit, could Red Bull be the team to beat this season?

What do you think to the RB13? Will Red Bull be able to challenge for the 2017 Drivers’ and Constructors’ Titles? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Red Bull 2017 F1 Car Launch: The RB13”

  1. Haa Red Bull !!
    I love this stable!
    Good beyond being a fan, I am convinced that this year will be auspicious for her.
    If I am not mistaken it is the only stable top grid that can clearly challenge the Mercedes from the start of the season. Except catastrophe not announced well on ^^
    With a Daniel Ricciardo all fire last year and a Max Verstappen fast and consistent, I believe that we can hope for a very good season for Red Bull.

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