McLaren 2017 F1 Car Launch: The MCL32

McLaren have launched their new car – the MCL32 – in an event at their factory in Woking.

The highly anticipated MCL32 features a striking new orange, black and white livery. While upon first glance the new McLaren may appear to be more simplistic than the other 2017 cars revealed so far, a closer look at the intricate detail of the front wing suggests otherwise.

“The MCL32 follows in the evolutionary footsteps of its two immediate predecessors, MP4-30 and MP4-31, but it has been overhauled in every area as the design team has looked to capitalise on a series of new aerodynamic regulations introduced for 2017.”

Two-time Formula One World Champion Fernando Alonso is joined at the team this year by Stoffel Vandoorne. Vandoorne won the GP2 Championship in dominant fashion in 2015, and scored McLaren’s first point of the season in 2016 at the Bahrain Grand Prix when he deputised for the injured Alonso. The team finished sixth in the 2016 Constructors’ Championship, but have not finished on the podium at any Grand Prix since the beginning of 2014.

The team’s rate of development throughout the 2016 season was impressive and they’ll be hoping that Honda’s revised 2017 engine will give them the extra horsepower they need to take the challenge to the sharp end of the grid.

What do you think to the MCL32? Do you think McLaren will be able to challenge further up the field in 2017? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “McLaren 2017 F1 Car Launch: The MCL32”

  1. McLaren makes a return to the source by resuming its historic orange color, but what intrigues me is the possible performances or against perforance of Honda for this year. Alonso recently said in the press that they will not be at the party early in the season but will work on the car all year round: truth or intox?
    And the pilot Belgue Stoffel Vandoorne will you be the author?
    In my opinion yes, but …. we will see. 🙂

  2. Williams will stay in my heart like the best stable of F1 of the 90s!
    Prost in 1993, and Villenneuve who won the title at Chumacher in 1997 and Hill the year before, of course on the formidable dominance Mansell in 1992!
    But there is also the sad and scandalous death of the GREAT !!! SENNA at Imola at the San Marino Grand Prix!
    Then the timid but respectable BMW season in the early 2000s.
    And then it’s not very glorious with Toyota then Cosworth 🙁
    Even with the return of the Renault engine in the 2012 and 2013 Williams chassies, the magic of not taking! ; (:(
    Very disappointing 8th and 9th place manufacturer 🙁
    Then renewed with Mercedes since 2014.
    But there ! By dint of this finding in the middle of the grid either one stagnates, one goes up or one makes it ahead.
    And with a very serious concurrency for this year it will be chaut !!
    Even if Mercedes engine and the return of Paddy Lowe encourages the stable.

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