F1 Track Stats: Miami Grand Prix facts and statistics

Miami International Autodrome joined the Formula 1 calendar in 2022 and has since hosted two races, both won by Red Bull. Here are all the facts and stats you need to know about the track ahead of the 2024 Miami Grand Prix weekend!

Track length: 5.412km
Race length: 308.326km
Laps: 57
Turns: 16
Circuit opened: 2022
F1 first visited: 2022
Races held: 2
Track Record: 1:26.814, Max Verstappen, Q2, 2023
Lap Record: 1:29.708, Max Verstappen, 2023


The Miami Grand Prix joined the Formula 1 calendar for the first time in 2022, making 2022 the first season since 1984 in which two races were held in the United States. From the two races here to date there has been only one winner.

Max Verstappen has taken victory in both races at Miami International Autodrome to date. His victories mean that Red Bull is the team with the most wins at the track and the Netherlands is the nation with the most wins here.

Image: © Andrew Balfour

Having won both races so far, Max Verstappen currently holds the record for most consecutive Miami Grand Prix wins, with two.

Red Bull became the first team to record a 1-2 finish at the venue in the 2023 Miami Grand Prix, with Sergio Perez following Max Verstappen home.

The two races so far at Miami International Autodrome have been won by relatively small margins. The smallest winning margin to date is 3.786 seconds in 2022, while the largest is 5.384 seconds in 2023.

The average winning margin from the two races held at Miami International Autodrome is 4.585 seconds.


Five different drivers have finished on the podium in the two races held to date in Miami.

Max Verstappen is the only driver to record two podium finishes at the Miami Grand Prix.

All five of the previous Miami Grand Prix podium finishers are on the 2024 grid. In addition to Verstappen’s two podiums, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso each have a single top three finish at Miami International Autodrome.

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Red Bull are the team with the most Miami Grand Prix podiums

Red Bull have recorded three podium finishes at the Miami Grand Prix – the most of any team to date at the track. Ferrari are the only other team with multiple podiums here, with two, while Aston Martin recorded their first top three finish at the track in 2023.

Spain and the Netherlands are tied for most podiums

With two podiums for Verstappen and one each for Alonso and Sainz, the Netherlands and Spain are tied as the nation with the most podium finishes at Miami International Autodrome. Monaco and Mexico are the other nations with podium results here.


There’s yet to be a repeat Miami Grand Prix polesitter. Each race here to date has had a different polesitter. Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez have taken a single pole each at the track.

Leclerc and Perez’s poles mean Ferrari and Red Bull are tied as the teams with the most poles in Miami, while Monaco and Mexico are tied for most poles at the track.

There has been a single front row lock-out in Miami

In the inaugural race, Ferrari became the first – and so far only – team to lock-out the front row at the Miami Grand Prix.

The average pole margin in Miami is 0.276 seconds

Sergio Perez holds the record for the largest pole margin at Miami International Autodrome, having taken pole by 0.361 seconds in 2023. The smallest pole margin here belongs to Charles Leclerc, who secured the front spot by 0.190 seconds in the inaugural 2022 race.


The Miami Grand Prix has never been won from pole position

A front row starter is yet to win the Miami Grand Prix. Max Verstappen won the 2022 Miami Grand Prix from third on the grid and won again, this time from ninth on the grid, in 2023.

Despite never winning, the polesitter has never failed to lead the Miami Grand Prix at the end of Lap 1.

In both the 2022 and 2023 Miami Grands Prix, the polesitter finished as runner-up in the race.

One podium from outside the top three on the grid

Max Verstappen’s win from ninth on the grid in 2023 is the only podium finish to date at Miami International Autodrome which has come from outside of the top three grid positions.

While all of the top three starters finished on the podium in 2022, there’s yet to be a Miami Grand Prix in which the top three finished in the same order as they started.

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114 laps have been raced to date at Miami International Autodrome. 12 drivers have completed all 57 laps of both races so far. Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Alpine have completed every lap of both races.

Max Verstappen has led the most laps in Miami, having spent 84 laps at the front of the field. Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are the other drivers who’ve led laps at the track.

The most laps led in a single race here is 48, for Max Verstappen in 2022.

The highest number of drivers to lead a lap in a single Miami Grand Prix is 3, which happened in 2022.

The Safety Car has made a single appearance at the Miami Grand Prix, back in 2022. The Virtual Safety Car also made an appearance in that race. The 2023 Miami Grand Prix was uninterrupted.

Racing at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. Image: © Andrew Balfour.
Image: © Andrew Balfour

There’s yet to be a red-flagged Miami Grand Prix, nor has there been a race at Miami International Autodrome which failed to reach its full distance.

There have been no rain-affected sessions to date at the circuit.

The shortest race to date at the track is the 2023 Miami Grand Prix, which was won in a time of one hour and 27 minutes. The 2022 race was seven minutes longer.

Max Verstappen has set the fastest lap in both races to date at the circuit.

Max Verstappen has been voted Driver of the Day in each Miami Grand Prix so far.

Every driver finished the Miami Grand Prix in 2023

Of the 40 cars which have started races here, 35 have finished. That gives an overall finish rate of 87.5%.

All 20 drivers finished the 2023 Miami Grand Prix. The fewest number of finishers is 15, which happened in 2022.

18 of the 20 finishers finished on the lead lap in the 2023 race.

There’s yet to be a first lap retirement at Miami International Autodrome.


Given its place early on in the calendar, it’s no surprise that no titles have been decided yet at the Miami Grand Prix.

The winner of the Miami Grand Prix has gone on to win the title in both years that the event has been held.

Image: © Andrew Balfour

The polesitter at Miami International Autodrome has never gone on to win that year’s title.

Charles Leclerc led the title race after the Miami Grand Prix in 2022 but failed to win the championship. Ferrari were the leading team after the 2022 race and also failed to win the title.

The largest points lead held after the Miami Grand Prix is 19, for Charles Leclerc in 2022.

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