F1 Power Performers: Dutch Grand Prix

In Power Performers, we re-award points from every race at each track based on the current scoring system, in order to give a fairer representation of which drivers have excelled at each track during their careers.

1. Niki Lauda – 141 points

The most recent winner of the Dutch Grand Prix is atop of the Power Performers list at Zandvoort. Niki Lauda won three times at the Dutch Grand Prix and finished on the Zandvoort podium a record-equalling six times. Lauda entered the Dutch Grand Prix ten times. Though he retired three times, he finished in the top four on all seven occasions that he finished the race, with 1982 being the only time that he didn’t finish on the podium. It will take at least six more Dutch Grands Prix before any of the current grid can knock Lauda off the top spot.

2. Jim Clark – 137 points

Just four points behind Niki Lauda is Jim Clark, who holds the record for most Dutch Grand Prix wins. Clark won at Zandvoort four times between 1963 and 1967. He also finished third in both 1961 and 1966 meaning that, like Lauda, Clark finished on the podium at Zandvoort six times. Clark also scored the fastest lap at this circuit five times, more times than anyone else. The Scotsman sits lower on this list due to his career being shorter than Lauda’s. Clark appeared at the event nine times, and failed to finish on his first appearance in 1960. Clark lapped the entire field on his way to victory at the 1963 race and lapped everyone but John Surtees in 1964.

3. Jackie Stewart – 124 points

Jackie Stewart appeared at the Dutch Grand Prix eight times in his career and won the race on three occasions. Aside from his victories in 1968, 1969 and 1973, Stewart also finished on the podium with second place finishes in 1965 and 1970. He failed to finish in 1967 and failed to score in 1971, finishing only eleventh.

4. Jack Brabham – 102 points

Jack Brabham made twelve appearances at the Dutch Grand Prix, but the longevity of his career has done little to help his position in the Power Performers list, as he retired from the race four times, including in three consecutive years between 1962 and 1964. Brabham won twice at the event, in 1960 and 1966, and finished as runner-up in 1959 and 1967. He finished in the lower half of the top ten three times, seeing him just fend off Graham Hill for fourth in this list by a single point.

5. Graham Hill – 101 points

Graham Hill has made more appearances (16) and raced more laps (1,048) at Zandvoort than any other driver. He leads the way for most top ten finishes too, with nine. Among those top ten finishes is a single victory, scored in 1962. Hill recorded podium finishes at the track three times and started from pole twice. He made sixteen appearances in total, but finished in the top ten only once in his last four entries.

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