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The Dutch Grand Prix returned to the Formula 1 calendar in 2021 after a 36-year absence. Here are all the facts and statistics you need to know about Zandvoort ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix!

Track length: 4.259km
Race length: 
Circuit opened: 
F1 first visited: 
Races held: 
Track Record: 
1:08.885, Max Verstappen, 2021
Lap Record: 
1:11.097, Lewis Hamilton, 2021


There have been 31 previous races held at Zandvoort since the Dutch Grand Prix became a round of the World Championship in 1952. 30 of those were held between 1952 and 1985 and the circuit returned for a second stint on the calendar in 2021. In the 31 previous Zandvoort races, there have been twenty different winners.

Jim Clark holds the record for most wins at the track with four – a record which he’s guaranteed to hold as his own until at least 2023. Ferrari are the team with the most wins at the track, with eight. British drivers have had more wins here than drivers from any other nation, with eleven victories. That means more than a third of races here have been won by a British driver. Ford are the engine manufacturer with the most Dutch Grand Prix wins, having powered ten cars to victory at Zandvoort.

There have been eight occasions on which a team has taken a 1-2 finish at the Dutch Grand Prix. Most recently, McLaren finished with their cars in first and second place in 1984 and 1985.

Alberto Ascari, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and James Hunt are the only drivers to have taken back-to-back wins at Zandvoort. Jim Clark is the only driver to have taken more than two consecutive wins at the circuit, winning three times in a row between 1963 and 1965. Clark’s streak of wins also makes Lotus the only team to have taken three consecutive wins at Zandvoort. Ferrari, Matra and McLaren are the only other teams to have taken successive wins at the track.

Max Verstappen took victory at his home race on the Dutch Grand Prix’s return to the calendar in 2021. He, therefore, is the only current driver to have previously won a Grand Prix at Zandvoort. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are the only drivers who had been born when the Dutch Grand Prix last appeared on the calendar in the 1980s.

The longest streak of different winners at the Dutch Grand Prix is eight, which has happened twice. There were no repeat winners at the track in the eight events from 1953 to 1963, nor were there any repeat winners between 1976 and 1982.

The largest win margin at Zandvoort is one lap, with both Jim Clark and Jack Brabham winning by over a lap in 1963 and 1966 respectively. The smallest win margin at the circuit is 0.232 seconds, which is the gap by which Niki Lauda won for McLaren in the most recent Dutch Grand Prix in 1985.

Five races at the circuit have been won by less than a second, seven have been won by less than five seconds and eleven have been won by less than ten seconds.

From the last ten races at the track, the average win margin at the Dutch Grand Prix is 11.910 seconds.


52 different drivers have finished on the podium so far at the Dutch Grand Prix. Jim Clark and Niki Lauda share the record for most podiums at Zandvoort, with six each. Ferrari are the team with the most podium finishes here, with their drivers finishing in the top three on 24 occasions. British drivers have over double the number of podiums of any other nationality, with 27 (compared to France’s thirteen).

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas finished on the Dutch Grand Prix podium in 2021 and are the only current drivers to have appeared on the podium here.

The furthest back a podium finish has come from at Zandvoort is sixteenth on the grid, which happened for Jean-Pierre Beltoise in the 1968 Dutch Grand Prix. At least one podium finisher has came from outside the top nine on the grid in every race at the circuit between 1979 and 1985.

The 1968 Dutch Grand Prix is the only race at the track where none of the top three qualifiers have gone on to finish on the podium. There have been four races at the track where the top three on the grid have all finished on the podium, with them finishing in the order that they started in 1970, 1974, 1978 and 2021.


From the 31 races at the track, there have been 21 different polesitters.

Rene Arnoux holds the record for the most pole positions at Zandvoort, with three. Lotus have had more Dutch Grand Prix poles than any other team, with eight. British drivers have the most poles of any nationality, with six.

Max Verstappen is the only driver on the current grid who has started from pole for the Dutch Grand Prix.

Alberto Ascari, Jochen Rindt, Mario Andretti and Rene Arnoux are the four drivers who have taken back-to-back poles at Zandvoort. No driver has taken more than two consecutive poles at the track.

Renault hold the record for the most consecutive team poles here, with four in a row between 1989 and 1982. Ferrari and Lotus are the only other teams who have taken successive poles at the Dutch Grand Prix.

The longest streak of different polesitters at Zandvoort is eleven. There was a different polesitter in all eleven Dutch Grands Prix held between 1953 and 1966.

The smallest gap between the slowest and fastest times in qualifying for a race at Zandvoort came in 1980, when 3.09 seconds separated polesitter Rene Arnoux from 28th place Keke Rosberg, who failed to qualify. Meanwhile, a gap of 17.4 seconds is the largest qualifying spread here, which happened in 1953.

Alberto Ascari holds the record for the largest pole margin at Zandvoort, lapping 2.1 seconds faster than any other driver in qualifying for the inaugural championship Dutch Grand Prix in 1952. There have been two dead heats in qualifying for the Dutch Grand Prix. In 1959, Jo Bonnier and Jack Brabham set the same time to the nearest tenth of a second (Bonnier started from pole), while in 1961, Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips set identical times (Hill started from pole).

Pole for the Dutch Grand Prix has been decided by less than a tenth of a second on six occasions, most recently in 2021.

The average pole margin at Zandvoort is 0.421 seconds. From the last ten Dutch Grands Prix, the average pole margin is 0.359 seconds.


Thirteen of the 31 races held so far at Zandvoort have been won from pole, while 23 have been won from the front row of the grid. That means eight wins have come from third or further back on the grid.

The furthest back win at Zandvoort came from tenth on the grid. It has happened twice, for Rene Arnoux in 1983 and Niki Lauda in 1985. The polesitter has suffered eleven retirements at this track.

The polesitter has gone on to finish on the podium on sixteen occasions, and there have been three occasions on which the polesitter has finished on the podium without winning the race; though the polesitter has never finished third at Zandvoort.


The highest number of drivers to finish on the lead lap at the Dutch Grand Prix is eight, which happened in 1961. The least number of drivers to finish on the lead lap is one, which happened when Jim Clark and Jack Brabham won by over a lap in 1963 and 1966 respectively. On average, four drivers are still on the lead lap by the end of a race at Zandvoort.

There has never been a race at Zandvoort which has featured a Safety Car. The Safety Car was not introduced into Formula 1 until after 1985 and it did not make an appearance in the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix.

Five races at Zandvoort have been affected by rain.

The lowest number of drivers to finish a race at Zandvoort is seven, which happened in 1979. Until 2021, the most was fifteen, which happened in 1961. That race saw every driver who started the Grand Prix finish it, which for decades was the only such occurrence in the sport. The 2021 Dutch Grand Prix had seventeen finishers.

705 cars have been entered into the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort. Of those, 658 have qualified for races and 650 cars have started the Grand Prix. Of those 650 cars, 338 crossed the finish line. That gives an overall finish rate of 52%.

There is yet to be a red-flagged Dutch Grand Prix, and there is yet to be a race at Zandvoort which has not run to its scheduled distance.

So far in F1’s history, 2,433 racing laps have been completed at Zandvoort.


There has never been a World Champion crowned at the track, but Lotus and McLaren were crowned Constructors’ Champions here in 1978 and 1984 respectively.

The first dead rubber race in F1 history was held at Zandvoort in 1952, with Alberto Ascari having already wrapped up the title prior to the Dutch Grand Prix. That’s the only time that a dead rubber race has been held in the Netherlands. Read more: F1’s Dead Rubber Races.

From the thirty races held here, the winner of the Dutch Grand Prix has gone on to win the title in the same year on fifteen occasions, while the polesitter has gone on to be crowned that season’s champion on eleven occasions. The leader of the championship after a race at Zandvoort has gone on to win that year’s title 23 times.

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