Most F1 Wins in a Single Country

Michael Schumacher holds the record for most Formula 1 victories in a single country, having won twelve Grands Prix in Italy. We take a look at the other drivers to have enjoyed multiple successes in a single country.

12 – Michael Schumacher, ?? Italy

Michael Schumacher holds the record for most wins in a single country. He won twelve Grands Prix in Italy during his career. His first victory on Italian soil came as a result of his win at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Schumacher won the race in tragic circumstances, with polesitter Ayrton Senna crashing out of the race and losing his life. This would be the only race in Italy which Schumacher did not win in a Ferrari. Schumacher took eleven more wins in Italy in red, delighting the Tifosi with five victories at Monza and six at Imola. Schumacher won all twelve of these races having started from inside the top three on the grid. The German announced his retirement from the sport following his twelfth and final victory in Italy at the 2006 Italian Grand Prix.

9 – Michael Schumacher, ?? Germany

Schumacher won nine times on home soil during his career. He won in Germany nine times – though the Grands Prix at which he won had varying titles. Schumacher’s first two home wins both came in 1995, when he was driving for Benetton. That year, he won the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim and the European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. Schumacher then took another seven wins at home with Ferrari, winning three times at Hockenheim and four times at the Nurburgring.

8 – Michael Schumacher, ?? Japan

Schumacher dominates the top of this list, having also won eight times in Japan in his illustrious career. He is the only driver to have won the Pacific Grand Prix – a World Championship which was held twice, in 1994 and 1995, at the Aida circuit. He won both of those events with Benetton, with his 1995 Pacific Grand Prix win securing him a second World Championship. Schumacher went on to take five victories at Suzuka, the last four of which were all won from pole position. He secured his third and sixth titles at the venue in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

8 – Michael Schumacher, ?? France

Until 2020, Schumacher was the only driver to have won eight Grands Prix at a single circuit. He was victorious at Magny Cours eight times during his career. His first French Grand Prix victory, in 1994, is the only one which he didn’t take having started from the front row of the grid. He won the 1997 and 2006 French Grands Prix from pole position, and claimed his fifth title at the event in 2002 – impressively doing so in mid-July, such was his dominance that season.

8 – Lewis Hamilton, ?? Hungary

At the 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton became only the second driver to have won at a single circuit on eight occasions – as well as only the second driver to win in a country on eight occasions. Hamilton is somewhat of a Hungaroring specialist, having taken seven poles and eight wins at the venue. He recorded his first victory with Mercedes at the track in 2013, and has won all of the last three races at the circuit.

Header image: Shaun Garrity, Flickr / CC BY 2.0


Below is a list of every driver to have won in each country Formula 1 has ever visited. This list was last updated after the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix.

12Michael SchumacherItaly
9Michael SchumacherGermany
8Michael SchumacherFrance
8Lewis HamiltonHungary
8Michael SchumacherJapan
7Lewis HamiltonBritain
7Lewis HamiltonCanada
7Michael SchumacherCanada
7Lewis HamiltonItaly
7Michael SchumacherSpain
6Michael SchumacherBelgium
6Alain ProstBrazil
6Lewis HamiltonChina
6Alain ProstFrance
6Alain ProstItaly
6Ayrton SennaMonaco
6Lewis HamiltonUSA
5Lewis HamiltonBahrain
5Ayrton SennaBelgium
5Alain ProstBritain
5Jim ClarkBritain
5Nigel MansellBritain
5Fernando AlonsoGermany
5Lewis HamiltonGermany
5Ayrton SennaItaly
5Nelson PiquetItaly
5Lewis HamiltonJapan
5Graham HillMonaco
5Michael SchumacherMonaco
5Sebastian VettelSingapore
5Lewis HamiltonSpain
5Lewis HamiltonUnited Arab Emirates
5Ayrton SennaUSA
5Michael SchumacherUSA
4Juan Manuel Fangio (1 shared)Argentina
4Michael SchumacherAustralia
4Sebastian VettelBahrain
4Jim ClarkBelgium
4Kimi RäikkönenBelgium
4Lewis HamiltonBelgium
4Michael SchumacherBrazil
4Juan Manuel Fangio (1 shared)France
4Nigel MansellFrance
4Michael SchumacherHungary
4Damon HillItaly
4Stirling MossItaly
4Sebastian VettelJapan
4Sebastian VettelMalaysia
4Alain ProstMonaco
4Stirling MossMonaco
4Jim ClarkNetherlands
4Lewis HamiltonRussia
4Lewis HamiltonSingapore
4Mika HakkinenSpain
3Jenson ButtonAustralia
3Sebastian VettelAustralia
3Alain ProstAustria
3Fernando AlonsoBahrain
3Damon HillBelgium
3Juan Manuel FangioBelgium
3Sebastian VettelBelgium
3Carlos ReutemannBrazil
3Sebastian VettelBrazil
3Jack BrabhamBritain
3Michael SchumacherBritain
3Niki LaudaBritain
3Nelson PiquetCanada
3Jack BrabhamFrance
3Jackie StewartFrance
3Alain ProstGermany
3Ayrton SennaGermany
3Jackie StewartGermany
3Juan Manuel FangioGermany
3Nelson PiquetGermany
3Ayrton SennaHungary
3Sebastian VettelIndia
3Fernando AlonsoItaly
3Juan Manuel FangioItaly
3Nigel MansellItaly
3Ronnie PetersonItaly
3Rubens BarrichelloItaly
3Sebastian VettelItaly
3Fernando AlonsoMalaysia
3Michael SchumacherMalaysia
3Jackie StewartMonaco
3Lewis HamiltonMonaco
3Nico RosbergMonaco
3Jackie StewartNetherlands
3Niki LaudaNetherlands
3Alain ProstPortugal
3Nigel MansellPortugal
3Jim ClarkSouth Africa
3Niki LaudaSouth Africa
3Sebastian VettelSouth Korea
3Alain ProstSpain
3Fernando AlonsoSpain
3Jackie StewartSpain
3Nigel MansellSpain
3Sebastian VettelSpain
3Felipe MassaTurkey
3Sebastian VettelUnited Arab Emirates
3Alan JonesUSA
3Carlos ReutemannUSA
3Graham HillUSA
3Jim ClarkUSA
2Damon HillArgentina
2Emerson FittipaldiArgentina
2Stirling MossArgentina
2Alain ProstAustralia
2Ayrton SennaAustralia
2Damon HillAustralia
2David CoulthardAustralia
2Gerhard BergerAustralia
2Kimi RäikkönenAustralia
2Lewis HamiltonAustralia
2Nico RosbergAustralia
2Alan JonesAustria
2Lewis HamiltonAustria
2Max VerstappenAustria
2Michael SchumacherAustria
2Mika HäkkinenAustria
2Nico RosbergAustria
2Ronnie PetersonAustria
2Valtteri BottasAustria
2Felipe MassaBahrain
2Alain ProstBelgium
2Alberto AscariBelgium
2Emerson FittipaldiBelgium
2Niki LaudaBelgium
2Ayrton SennaBrazil
2Emerson FittipaldiBrazil
2Felipe MassaBrazil
2Juan Pablo MontoyaBrazil
2Lewis HamiltonBrazil
2Mark WebberBrazil
2Mika HäkkinenBrazil
2Nelson PiquetBrazil
2Nico RosbergBrazil
2Nigel MansellBrazil
2Alberto AscariBritain
2Ayrton SennaBritain
2David CoulthardBritain
2Emerson FittipaldiBritain
2Fernando AlonsoBritain
2Jackie StewartBritain
2Jacques VilleneuveBritain
2José Froilán GonzálezBritain
2Mark WebberBritain
2Sebastian VettelBritain
2Stirling Moss (1 shared)Britain
2Alan JonesCanada
2Ayrton SennaCanada
2Jackie StewartCanada
2Jacky IckxCanada
2Sebastian VettelCanada
2Fernando AlonsoChina
2Nico RosbergChina
2Dan GurneyFrance
2Jim ClarkFrance
2Lewis HamiltonFrance
2Mario AndrettiFrance
2Mike HawthornFrance
2Niki LaudaFrance
2Ronnie PetersonFrance
2Alberto AscariGermany
2Gerhard BergerGermany
2Jacques VilleneuveGermany
2John SurteesGermany
2Mika HakkinenGermany
2Nigel MansellGermany
2Ralf SchumacherGermany
2Rubens BarrichelloGermany
2Tony BrooksGermany
2Damon HillHungary
2Jacques VilleneuveHungary
2Jenson ButtonHungary
2Mika HäkkinenHungary
2Nelson PiquetHungary
2Sebastian VettelHungary
2Alberto AscariItaly
2Clay RegazzoniItaly
2David CoulthardItaly
2Heinz-Harald FrentzenItaly
2Jackie StewartItaly
2John SurteesItaly
2Juan Pablo MontoyaItaly
2Niki LaudaItaly
2Phil HillItaly
2Ayrton SennaJapan
2Damon HillJapan
2Fernando AlonsoJapan
2Gerhard BergerJapan
2Mika HäkkinenJapan
2Kimi RaikkonenMalaysia
2Alain ProstMexico
2Jim ClarkMexico
2Lewis HamiltonMexico
2Max VerstappenMexico
2Nigel MansellMexico
2David CoulthardMonaco
2Fernando AlonsoMonaco
2Jody ScheckterMonaco
2Juan Manuel FangioMonaco
2Mark WebberMonaco
2Maurice TrintignantMonaco
2Niki LaudaMonaco
2Sebastian VettelMonaco
2Alain ProstNetherlands
2Alberto AscariNetherlands
2Jack BrabhamNetherlands
2James HuntNetherlands
2Stirling MossPortugal
2Valtteri BottasRussia
2Fernando AlonsoSingapore
2Alain ProstSouth Africa
2Jackie StewartSouth Africa
2Nigel MansellSouth Africa
2Ayrton SennaSpain
2Emerson FittipaldiSpain
2Felipe MassaSpain
2Kimi RäikkönenSpain
2Mario AndrettiSpain
2Jody ScheckterSweden
2Niki LaudaSweden
2Juan Manuel FangioSwitzerland
2Lewis HamiltonTurkey
2Bill VukovichUSA
2Gilles VilleneuveUSA
2Jackie StewartUSA
2James HuntUSA
2John WatsonUSA
2Keke RosbergUSA
2Michele AlboretoUSA
2Nelson PiquetUSA
2Niki LaudaUSA
1Alan JonesArgentina
1Alberto AscariArgentina
1Bruce McLarenArgentina
1Denny HulmeArgentina
1Jackie StewartArgentina
1Jacques LaffiteArgentina
1Jacques VilleneuveArgentina
1Jody ScheckterArgentina
1Luigi Musso (Shared)Argentina
1Mario AndrettiArgentina
1Michael SchumacherArgentina
1Nelson PiquetArgentina
1Eddie IrvineAustralia
1Fernando AlonsoAustralia
1Giancarlo FisichellaAustralia
1Keke RosbergAustralia
1Mika HakkinenAustralia
1Nelson PiquetAustralia
1Nigel MansellAustralia
1Thierry BoutsenAustralia
1Valtteri BottasAustralia
1Carlos ReutemannAustria
1David CoulthardAustria
1Eddie IrvineAustria
1Elio de AngelisAustria
1Emerson FittipaldiAustria
1Jacky IckxAustria
1Jacques LaffiteAustria
1Jacques VilleneuveAustria
1Jean-Pierre JabouilleAustria
1Jo SiffertAustria
1John WatsonAustria
1Lorenzo BandiniAustria
1Nigel MansellAustria
1Niki LaudaAustria
1Vittorio BrambillaAustria
1Daniel RicciardoAzerbaijan
1Lewis HamiltonAzerbaijan
1Nico RosbergAzerbaijan
1Valtteri BottasAzerbaijan
1Jenson ButtonBahrain
1Michael SchumacherBahrain
1Nico RosbergBahrain
1Sergio PerezBahrain
1Bruce McLarenBelgium
1Carlos ReutemannBelgium
1Charles LeclercBelgium
1Dan GurneyBelgium
1Daniel RicciardoBelgium
1David CoulthardBelgium
1Didier PironiBelgium
1Felipe MassaBelgium
1Giuseppe FarinaBelgium
1Gunnar NulssonBelgium
1Jack BrabhamBelgium
1Jackie StewartBelgium
1Jenson ButtonBelgium
1Jody ScheckterBelgium
1John SurteesBelgium
1John WatsonBelgium
1Mario AndrettiBelgium
1Michele AlboretoBelgium
1Mika HäkkinenBelgium
1Nico RosbergBelgium
1Nigel MansellBelgium
1Pedro RodríguezBelgium
1Peter CollinsBelgium
1Phil HillBelgium
1Tony BrooksBelgium
1Carlos PaceBrazil
1Damon HillBrazil
1David CoulthardBrazil
1Giancarlo FisichellaBrazil
1Jacques LaffiteBrazil
1Jacques VilleneuveBrazil
1Jenson ButtonBrazil
1Kimi RäikkönenBrazil
1Max VerstappenBrazil
1Niki LaudaBrazil
1René ArnouxBrazil
1Alan JonesBritain
1Carlos ReutemannBritain
1Clay RegazzoniBritain
1Damon HillBritain
1Giuseppe FarinaBritain
1James HuntBritain
1Jo SiffertBritain
1Jochen RindtBritain
1Jody ScheckterBritain
1John WatsonBritain
1Johnny HerbertBritain
1Juan Pablo MontoyaBritain
1Juan-Manuel FangioBritain
1Kimi RäikkönenBritain
1Max VerstappenBritain
1Mika HäkkinenBritain
1Nelson PiquetBritain
1Nico RosbergBritain
1Peter CollinsBritain
1Peter RevsonBritain
1Rubens BarrichelloBritain
1Tony Brooks (shared)Britain
1Wolfgang von TripsBritain
1Alain ProstCanada
1Damon HillCanada
1Daniel RicciardoCanada
1Denny HulmeCanada
1Emerson FittipaldiCanada
1Fernando AlonsoCanada
1Gerhard BergerCanada
1Gilles VilleneuveCanada
1Jack BrabhamCanada
1Jacques LaffiteCanada
1James HuntCanada
1Jean AlesiCanada
1Jenson ButtonCanada
1Jody ScheckterCanada
1Kimi RäikkönenCanada
1Michele AlboretoCanada
1Mika HäkkinenCanada
1Nigel MansellCanada
1Peter RevsonCanada
1Ralf SchumacherCanada
1René ArnouxCanada
1Robert KubicaCanada
1Thierry BoutsenCanada
1Daniel RicciardoChina
1Jenson ButtonChina
1Kimi RäikkönenChina
1Michael SchumacherChina
1Rubens BarrichelloChina
1Sebastian VettelChina
1Alan JonesFrance
1Alberto AscariFrance
1Damon HillFrance
1David CoulthardFrance
1Felipe MassaFrance
1Fernando AlonsoFrance
1Giancarlo BaghettiFrance
1Heinz-Harald FrentzenFrance
1Jacky IckxFrance
1James HuntFrance
1Jean-Pierre JabouilleFrance
1Jochen RindtFrance
1Keke RosbergFrance
1Kimi RaikkonenFrance
1Luigi Fagioli (shared)France
1Nelson PiquetFrance
1Peter CollinsFrance
1Ralf SchumacherFrance
1René ArnouxFrance
1Tony BrooksFrance
1Alan JonesGermany
1Carlos ReutemannGermany
1Clay RegazzoniGermany
1Damon HillGermany
1Denny HulmeGermany
1Eddie IrvineGermany
1Giuseppe FarinaGermany
1Graham HillGermany
1Jack BrabhamGermany
1Jacky IckxGermany
1Jacques LaffiteGermany
1James HuntGermany
1Jim ClarkGermany
1Jochen RindtGermany
1Johnny HerbertGermany
1Juan Pablo MontoyaGermany
1Mario AndrettiGermany
1Mark WebberGermany
1Max VerstappenGermany
1Michele AlboretoGermany
1Nico RosbergGermany
1Niki LaudaGermany
1Patrick TambayGermany
1René ArnouxGermany
1Sebastian VettelGermany
1Stirling MossGermany
1Daniel RicciardoHungary
1Fernando AlonsoHungary
1Heikki KovalainenHungary
1Kimi RaikkonenHungary
1Mark WebberHungary
1Nigel MansellHungary
1Rubens BarrichelloHungary
1Thierry BoutsenHungary
1Charles LeclercItaly
1Denny HulmeItaly
1Didier PironiItaly
1Elio de AngelisItaly
1Emerson FittipaldiItaly
1Gerhard BergerItaly
1Giuseppe FarinaItaly
1Graham HillItaly
1Jim ClarkItaly
1Jody ScheckterItaly
1Johnny HerbertItaly
1Ludovico ScarfiottiItaly
1Mario AndrettiItaly
1Nico RosbergItaly
1Patrick TambayItaly
1Peter GethinItaly
1Pierre GaslyItaly
1Ralf SchumacherItaly
1René ArnouxItaly
1Riccardo PatreseItaly
1Tony BrooksItaly
1Alessandro NanniniJapan
1James HuntJapan
1Jenson ButtonJapan
1Kimi RäikkönenJapan
1Mario AndrettiJapan
1Nelson PiquetJapan
1Nico RosbergJapan
1Riccardo PatreseJapan
1Rubens BarrichelloJapan
1Valtteri BottasJapan
1Daniel RicciardoMalaysia
1Eddie IrvineMalaysia
1Giancarlo FisichellaMalaysia
1Jenson ButtonMalaysia
1Lewis HamiltonMalaysia
1Max VerstappenMalaysia
1Ralf SchumacherMalaysia
1Ayrton SennaMexico
1Dan GurneyMexico
1Denny HulmeMexico
1Gerhard BergerMexico
1Graham HillMexico
1Jacky IckxMexico
1John SurteesMexico
1Nico RosbergMexico
1Riccardo PatreseMexico
1Richie GintherMexico
1Bruce McLarenMonaco
1Carlos ReutemannMonaco
1Daniel RicciardoMonaco
1Denny HulmeMonaco
1Gilles VilleneuveMonaco
1Jack BrabhamMonaco
1Jarno TrulliMonaco
1Jean-Pierre BeltoiseMonaco
1Jenson ButtonMonaco
1Jochen RindtMonaco
1Juan Pablo MontoyaMonaco
1Keke RosbergMonaco
1Kimi RäikkönenMonaco
1Mika HäkkinenMonaco
1Olivier PanisMonaco
1Patrick DepaillerMonaco
1Riccardo PatreseMonaco
1Ronnie PetersonMonaco
1Alan JonesNetherlands
1Didier PironiNetherlands
1Graham HillNetherlands
1Jacky IckxNetherlands
1Jo BonnierNetherlands
1Jochen RindtNetherlands
1Juan Manuel FangioNetherlands
1Mario AndrettiNetherlands
1Nelson PiquetNetherlands
1René ArnouxNetherlands
1Stirling MossNetherlands
1Wolfgang von TripsNetherlands
1Ayrton SennaPortugal
1Damon HillPortugal
1David CoulthardPortugal
1Gerhard BergerPortugal
1Jack BrabhamPortugal
1Jacques VilleneuvePortugal
1Lewis HamiltonPortugal
1Michael SchumacherPortugal
1Riccardo PatresePortugal
1Nico RosbergRussia
1Nico RosbergSingapore
1Carlos ReutemannSouth Africa
1Denny HulmeSouth Africa
1Gilles VilleneuveSouth Africa
1Graham HillSouth Africa
1Jack BrabhamSouth Africa
1Jody ScheckterSouth Africa
1Mario AndrettiSouth Africa
1Pedro RodriguezSouth Africa
1Rene ArnouxSouth Africa
1Riccardo PatreseSouth Africa
1Ronnie PetersonSouth Africa
1Fernando AlonsoSouth Korea
1Damon HillSpain
1Gilles VilleneuveSpain
1Graham HillSpain
1Jacques VilleneuveSpain
1James HuntSpain
1Jenson ButtonSpain
1Jochen MassSpain
1Juan Manuel FangioSpain
1Mark WebberSpain
1Max VerstappenSpain
1Mike HawthornSpain
1Nico RosbergSpain
1Niki LaudaSpain
1Pastor MaldonadoSpain
1Patrick DepaillerSpain
1Rubens BarrichelloSpain
1Denny HulmeSweden
1Jacques LaffiteSweden
1Alberto AscariSwitzerland
1Giuseppe FarinaSwitzerland
1Piero TaruffiSwitzerland
1Jenson ButtonTurkey
1Kimi RaikkonenTurkey
1Sebastian VettelTurkey
1Kimi RäikkönenUnited Arab Emirates
1Max VerstappenUnited Arab Emirates
1Nico RosbergUnited Arab Emirates
1Valtteri BottasUnited Arab Emirates
1Alain ProstUSA
1Bob SweikertUSA
1Bruce McLarenUSA
1Clay RegazzoniUSA
1Emerson FittipaldiUSA
1Francois CevertUSA
1Innes IrelandUSA
1Jim RathmannUSA
1Jimmy BryanUSA
1Jochen RindtUSA
1Johnnie ParsonsUSA
1Kimi RaikkonenUSA
1Lee WallardUSA
1Mario AndrettiUSA
1Mika HakkinenUSA
1Pat FlahertyUSA
1Rodger WardUSA
1Ronnie PetersonUSA
1Rubens BarrichelloUSA
1Sam HanksUSA
1Sebastian VettelUSA
1Stirling MossUSA
1Troy RuttmanUSA
1Valtteri BottasUSA

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