2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Quiz

How closely were you watching the events of the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend? Test your knowledge of the event in the Lights Out quiz!

#1. Who was fastest in Free Practice 3?

#2. Which of the following drivers did not crash in qualifying?

#3. Who qualified in fifth place?

#4. After his penalty, where did Lando Norris line up on the grid?

#5. Which of the following drivers did not lead a lap of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

#6. Who was the first driver to retire from the race?

#7. Who finished the race in fifth place?

#8. Sebastian Vettel secured Aston Martin’s first podium finish in Formula 1. How many teams has Vettel now finished on the podium with in Formula 1?

#9. Who set the fastest lap of the race?

#10. Which team scored the most points at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix?



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