F1 2018 Qualifying Statistics

Below you can find facts and statistics on each driver’s qualifying performances in 2018. You can find information about Qualifying battles between team-mates here

Fast facts and stats:

Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen reached Q3 at every race in 2018. The last time Kimi Raikkonen failed to make Q3 was at the 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix. He’s had a streak of 51 top ten appearances in Qualifying. 

Sergey Sirotkin is the only driver from the 2018 grid to have never reached Q3. 

Fernando Alonso is the only driver to have beaten his team-mate in every 2018 qualifying session.

Since he joined Ferrari, there have been only four occasions where Sebastian Vettel has failed to make it through to Q3. On all but one of these occasions, mechanical issues prevented him from setting a competitive time. 


Best and Worst Qualifying performances of 2018

The table below shows each driver’s best and worst qualifying performance in 2018. These results are based on qulalifying performances before any penalties were applied. 

DriverBest Qualifying of 2018Worst Qualifying of 2018
Lewis Hamilton1st (x11)14th (Germany)
Valtteri Bottas1st (x2)10th (x2)
Sebastian Vettel1st (x5)9th (Japan)
Kimi Raikkonen1st (Italy)6th (x4)
Daniel Ricciardo1st (x2)15th (x3)
Max Verstappen2nd (x2)20th (Monaco)
Sergio Perez4th (Belgium)19th (Hungary)
Esteban Ocon3rd (Belgium)18th (Hungary)
Lance Stroll10th (Italy)20th (x5)
Sergey Sirotkin12th (x2)20th (x2)
Nico Hulkenberg7th (x5)16th (x2)
Carlos Sainz5th (Hungary)16th (x3)
Pierre Gasly6th (x2)20th (Australia)
Brendon Hartley6th (Japan)20th (x2)
Romain Grosjean5th (x2)20th (x2)
Kevin Magnussen5th (x2)19th (Monaco)
Fernando Alonso7th (Monaco)18th (x2)
Stoffel Vandoorne11th (Spain)20th (x5)
Marcus Ericsson7th (Brazil)20th (x3)
Charles Leclerc7th (Russia)19th (x2)

Q1, Q2 and Q3 Appearances in 2018

The table below shows each driver’s number of Q1 exits, Q2 exits and Q3 appearances in 2018.

DriverQ1 Exits in 2018Q2 Exits in 2018Q3 Appearances in 2018
Lewis Hamilton0120
Valtteri Bottas0021
Sebastian Vettel0021
Kimi Raikkonen0021
Daniel Ricciardo0516
Max Verstappen1317
Sergio Perez3810
Esteban Ocon2712
Lance Stroll1551
Sergey Sirotkin1650
Nico Hulkenberg2811
Carlos Sainz3513
Pierre Gasly696
Brendon Hartley1362
Romain Grosjean4116
Kevin Magnussen3810
Fernando Alonso6132
Stoffel Vandoorne1560
Marcus Ericsson1173
Charles Leclerc588

Last Q1 Exit, Q2 Exit and Q3 Appearance

The table below shows each driver’s last exit in Q1 and Q2, and the last time they reached Q3.

DriverLast Q1 ExitLast Q2 ExitLast Q3 Appearance
Lewis HamiltonBrazil 2017Germany 2018Abu Dhabi 2018
Valtteri BottasMonaco 2015Abu Dhabi 2016Abu Dhabi 2018
Sebastian VettelMalaysia 2017Russia 2014Abu Dhabi 2018
Kimi RaikkonenAustria 2015Hungary 2016Abu Dhabi 2018
Daniel RicciardoGreat Britain 2017Japan 2018Abu Dhabi 2018
Max VerstappenMonaco 2018USA 2018Abu Dhabi 2018
Sergio PerezItaly 2018Abu Dhabi 2018USA 2018
Esteban OconHungary 2018Brazil 2018Abu Dhabi 2018
Lance StrollAbu Dhabi 2018Japan 2018Italy 2018
Sergey SirotkinAbu Dhabi 2018Brazil 2018-
Nico HulkenbergJapan 2018Brazil 2018Abu Dhabi 2018
Carlos SainzBrazil 2018Abu Dhabi 2018Mexico 2018
Pierre GaslyAbu Dhabi 2018Mexico 2018Brazil 2018
Brendon HartleyAbu Dhabi 2018Mexico 2018Japan 2018
Romain GrosjeanMexico 2018Monaco 2017Abu Dhabi 2018
Kevin MagnussenMexico 2018Abu Dhabi 2018Russia 2018
Fernando AlonsoBrazil 2018Abu Dhabi 2018Monaco 2018
Stoffel VandoorneAbu Dhabi 2018Canada 2018Malaysia 2017
Marcus EricssonUSA 2018Abu Dhabi 2018Brazil 2018
Charles LeclercItaly 2018Japan 2018Abu Dhabi 2018


Q1, Q2 and Q3 Appearances in 2018

The table below shows how many times each team were eliminated in Q1, eliminated Q2 and reached Q3 in 2018. The number is from a total of 42 entries for each team throughout the season.

TeamQ1 ExitsQ2 ExitsQ3 Appearances
Red Bull1833
Force India51522
Toro Rosso19158


The table below shows the percentage of times each driver has been eliminated in Q1, Q2 and made appearances in Q3 throughout their career. The below table includes all results since the knockout qualifying system was introduced in 2006.

Q1 Exits %Q2 Exits%Q3 Appearances %
Lewis Hamilton4%4%91%
Valtteri Bottas8%17%76%
Sebastian Vettel6%6%87%
Kimi Raikkonen2%9%88%
Daniel Ricciardo10%21%69%
Max Verstappen5%15%80%
Sergio Perez6%50%45%
Esteban Ocon26%24%50%
Lance Stroll66%24%10%
Sergey Sirotkin76%24%0%
Nico Hulkenberg4%43%53%
Carlos Sainz10%44%46%
Pierre Gasly38%38%23%
Brendon Hartley60%32%8%
Romain Grosjean19%35%46%
Kevin Magnussen34%35%30%
Fernando Alonso9%22%68%
Stoffel Vandoorne52%33%14%
Marcus Ericsson74%20%6%
Charles Leclerc24%38%38%
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