Eddie Irvine Is Still Saying Things

Notorious flatterer Edmund Irvine is still saying stuff. This time, he reckons Sebastian Vettel isn’t actually that good after all you know. 

The happy-go-lucky Irishman claimed that Sebastian Vettel is a ‘massively overrated one-trick pony’ in an interview with the BBC. After much research I can exclusively reveal that his claim is wrong as Vettel is, in fact, a human. The zero-time champ, who once battled a 7 foot shark, also said that Lewis Hamilton is in a different league to ‘the rest of them’.

Ed said that he doesn’t watch F1 anymore, but then continued to tell us exactly why he has the belief that Hamilton is the best on the current grid, telling all about Hamilton’s driving style like someone who has been watching recent races.

Irvine, who was once punched in the face by F1 legend Ayrton Senna, also said that F1 is now too safe:

“In the 1950s you got killed if you made a mistake, the 60s you could get killed, the 70s you hurt yourself most of the time and the 80s you hurt yourself some of the time. It’s just got safer and safer. Which is a good thing but it’s gone too far.”

‘Mushy’ was just one of the hurtful words which Irvine used in his scathing attack of modern day F1. He also used the old ‘he’s got the best car’ line when describing Hamilton’s talent compared to that of Michael Schumacher, who we all know, of course, was driving a lawnmower throughout his Ferrari career. Of Vettel, Irvine said: “Vettel is a good driver, but four-time World Champion? I just don’t see it.” Perhaps he’d know Vettel IS, in fact, a four-time World Champion had he bothered to watch.

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