Every good drama needs a good soundtrack. Throughout the 2017 Formula One season, Lights Out will be providing you with the perfect soundtrack for each race weekend. Here are our selection of five songs for the Australian Grand Prix weekend. You can follow the playlist as we add to it over the season here.  

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

There’s only one song you can start a playlist like this with. The track from Fleetwood Mac’s classic 1977 album Rumours has become the song most associated with the fastest sport on earth. Turn your subwoofer up at 3:04 for the optimal experience. Formula One is back.

Revolution – Elias

2017 in Formula One is indeed a technical revolution. But will we see a revolution in terms of the pecking order come Saturday and Sunday in Melbourne? This song by Swedish singer-songwriter Elias captures the anticipation and tension of a new season perfectly.

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Into The Blue – Kylie Minogue

Each race, I’ll try and sample some music by an artist from each country the Formula One circus visits. You can’t go far wrong with Australia’s Princess of Pop Kylie Minogue and her aptly titled 2014 track Into The Blue.

The Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy

The boys are indeed back in town. This song gave Thin Lizzy worldwide exposure, having previously been popular in their native Ireland. The song remains the band’s only Top 40 hit in America.

Green Light – Lorde

To finish this week’s selection, I’ve included Lorde’s latest single Green Light. The song is taken from the New Zealand songwriter’s upcoming second album Melodrama. The track was produced by Jack Antonoff, whose band Bleachers I would highly recommend a listen to.

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Nicky Haldenby is a 23 year old Formula One blogger from Scarborough, England. Having grown up with F1 often on the TV on Sunday afternoons, Nicky has been following the sport avidly since 2006. He graduated from the University of Hull in 2015 with a First Class degree in English Language and Literature. He founded the Lights Out F1 Blog in March 2016. Nicky also writes for Badger GP.

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