Formula One is back after the summer break and we’re heading to one of the most anticipated races of the year – the Belgian Grand Prix. Here’s everything you need to know about Spa!

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LAP LENGTH 7.004km

Fast Facts:

  • It takes 22 seconds to drive through the pits here.
  • There is an 80% chance of a Safety Car during the Belgian Grand Prix. The 1997 Belgian Grand Prix was the first time that a Formula One race began under a safety car. 
  • 214mph is the highest speed achieved here, on the run to Turn Five. 
  • Michael Schumacher, who made his F1 debut at Spa, has the most number of wins here with six. Ayrton Senna took five victories between 1985 and 1991. Of the current field, Kimi Raikkonen has taken the most wins around this track with four. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton each have two.
  • 60% of the lap is spent on full throttle.
  • Although the track is named ‘Spa-Francorchamps’, the track is not actually situated in Spa but rather in the vicinity of Francorchamps. The entire track is situated within the municipality of Stavelot – which is, of course, the name of Turn 15.
  • Spa-Francorchamps is the longest circuit on the current F1 calendar.
  • In the race, the drivers will perform 2112 gear changes each. There are 49 gear changes around a lap of Spa. 
  • The average speed of a lap of Spa is 146mph – one of the highest on the calendar.
  • During the 13 year absence of a Grand Prix at Spa from 1970 to 1983, the circuit was heavily redesigned and halved in length. Nevertheless, the circuit maintained its demanding qualities.  

Grand Prix Winners at Spa:

Year Winner
2015  Lewis Hamilton
2014  Daniel Ricciardo
2013  Sebastian Vettel
2012  Jenson Button
2011  Sebastian Vettel
2010  Lewis Hamilton
2009  Kimi Räikkönen
2008  Felipe Massa
2007  Kimi Räikkönen
2005  Kimi Räikkönen
2004  Kimi Räikkönen
2002  Michael Schumacher
2001  Michael Schumacher
2000  Mika Häkkinen
1999  David Coulthard
1998  Damon Hill
1997  Michael Schumacher
1996  Michael Schumacher
1995  Michael Schumacher
1994  Damon Hill
1993  Damon Hill
1992  Michael Schumacher
1991  Ayrton Senna
1990  Ayrton Senna
1989  Ayrton Senna
1988  Ayrton Senna
1987  Alain Prost
1986  Nigel Mansell
1985  Ayrton Senna
1983  Alain Prost
1970  Pedro Rodríguez
1968  Bruce McLaren
1967  Dan Gurney
1966  John Surtees
1965  Jim Clark
1964  Jim Clark
1963  Jim Clark
1962  Jim Clark
1961  Phil Hill
1960  Jack Brabham
1958  Tony Brooks
1956  Peter Collins
1955  Juan Manuel Fangio
1954  Juan Manuel Fangio
1953  Alberto Ascari
1952  Alberto Ascari
1951  Giuseppe Farina
1950  Juan Manuel Fangio

Header image: Force India F1 Team

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