Formula One heads back to where it all began for Round 10 of the 2016 season. Here’s everything you need to know about Silverstone!

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LAP LENGTH 5.891km
FIRST RACE 1947, 1950 (F1)

Fast Facts:

  • Rain often affects the British Grand Prix. In 2000, the race was held in April and there was torrential rain all weekend- leading to farcical parking issues for fans attending the race. Similarly, the 2012 event was hit by abnormal levels of rain, leading to some fans being told to stay away for the Saturday action.
  • Silverstone is one of the circuits that takes the most lateral energy out of the tyres all year.
  • Giuseppe Farina, the first Formula One World Champion, won the first ever Formula One Grand Prix which was held at Silverstone in 1950.
  • Ferrari scored their first Formula One win here in 1951.
  • The British Grand Prix is one of the most well attended of the season with around 140,000 fans expected to flock to the circuit on race day. 
  • Maggots is one of the fastest corners on any racing track in the world, taken at speeds of up to 180mph.
  • Cornelius Horan, a priest, interrupted the 2003 Grand Prix at Silverstone by running out on to the track mid-race. He was jailed for two months following the incident. 
  • The 2009 British Grand Prix looked set to be the last at Silverstone after a controversial deal which was to make Donnington the new home of the British Grand Prix from 2010. The deal was later scrapped and Silverstone is expected to remain the exclusive home of the event until at least 2026. 
  • Almost two thirds of the lap is spent at full throttle, with the drivers performing 34 gear shifts per lap. The longest flat-out section of the track goes on for 1034 meters.

Last 10 British Grand Prix Winners:

Year Winner
2015 Lewis Hamilton
2014 Lewis Hamilton
2013 Nico Rosberg
2012 Mark Webber
2011 Fernando Alonso
2010 Mark Webber
2009 Sebastian Vettel
2008 Lewis Hamilton
2007 Kimi Raikkonen
2006 Fernando Alonso

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